Champion Reflections: Classic Wallabies share their Rugby World Cup experiences

Written by Jaimee Damon
THU 06 JUL 2023

They may have hung up the boots a long time ago, but etched in their memories is the feeling, excitement and energy of the Rugby World Cups they played in, and, conquered.  


Speaking ahead of France’s Rugby World Cup, members of the Classic Wallabies shared what it meant to be in those moments.  


The group of ex-Wallabies stars will get a taste of the glory days, when they tour with Wallabies Travel this year, giving exclusive experiences and insights from their hey-day to Wallabies fans touring with the Wallabies Travel group in France. 


1999 Rugby World Cup hero Owen Finegan knows there’s something uniquely special about attending a World Cup.  


“When you remember where you are when Australia won the World Cup, you'd want to be saying that I was at the stadium rather than I was up early watching it on TV,” Finegan said.  


“There’s nothing like being there live for a game, supporting the Wallabies.” 


If the 2023 campaign is anything like 1999, a seat in Stade de France Stadium is exactly where Wallabies fans will want to be.Wallabies fans will be hoping for a Finegan-like try late in a crucial game to keep progressing toward the ultimate prize.  


On-field performances aside, when the Classic Wallabies reflect, it’s the occasion, opportunity and experience that is valued as much as silverware.  


With 101 Caps, David Capese played in the first Rugby World Cup in 1987 hosted by Australia and New Zealand, again in 1991 in Britain, France and Ireland, and in South Africa for the 1995 Rugby World Cup.  


It’s the sights, sounds and excitement that resonates for him.  


“That’s probably the best part of the World Cup – actually seeing the supporters. It’s the people you meet and the countries you visit,” Campese said.Halfback Chris Whitaker, who was there in ’99 and ’03, said it best when he summed up the scarcity of these moments. 


“It's those memories you make off-field that make the World Cup so special. It only happens every four years,” Whitaker said.  


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